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Click here to register for the next Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast, taking place on 22 February!


Foresight Mini Mentoring
Foresight Mini Mentoring


A university’s foremost objective is to help its students attain the highest level of education possible, both of their chosen academic subject, but also of the wider world around them.


Here at TBA, we are proud to sponsor various student events, including the Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast, that have helped Trinity to achieve this goal!


TBA members are a crucially important resource to current TCD students, and can provide them with invaluable information regarding career choices and pathways, networking, interview etiquette, CV and cover letter content, and much, much more!


Foresight Mini Mentoring
Foresight Mini Mentoring

The inaugural Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast took place in November, and thanks to the enthusiasm and willingness to participate shown by TBA members, proved a resounding success! The early morning event featured a chance for students and graduate mentors to mingle over tea and coffee, sit next to their assigned mentor/mentee during a presentation on networking (delivered by Peter Cosgrove of CPL Recruitment) and to then connect over breakfast. Each Mini Mentoring Breakfast is a stand-alone event, and mentoring does not have to continue after the breakfast, although many mentor/mentee pairs do decide to keep in touch, and continue the relationship!




One 3rd year student studying Business and French stated that the Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast was


‘…my first time networking and was quite apprehensive, but I really enjoyed the event and would like to thank you…’


It also seems that the graduate mentors also enjoyed the event, and found it beneficial themselves.


‘The experience was a two way process – I was very pleased about what I got out of the experience – contacts/opportunity to network – chance to introduce mentee to a client who did what my mentee wants to do – clarity about how to network more effectively – enjoyable conversation’


‘Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast was an excellent opportunity to connect current students and graduates in an informal environment. The format was excellent and was as useful for the mentors as the students…’

Foresight Mini Mentoring
Foresight Mini Mentoring

In a post-event survey, the graduate mentors overwhelmingly stated that their reason for participating was to ‘help students’.

As such, we would like to take this opportunity to invite each and every TBA member to register for the next Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast, to be held on Wednesday, 22 February from 7.30 to 9am in the TCD Dining Hall. The speaker for this breakfast will be Professor Ian Robertson, who will be addressing the topic ‘The Science of Success and the ‘Winning Effect’’.



To register for the next Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast, please click here.

For more information regarding Professor Ian Robertson, please click here.



We would also like to take this opportunity to extend a ‘thank you’ to all TBA members who gave of their time, expertise and support by participating in the November Foresight Mini Mentoring Breakfast.