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Thurs 23rd at 1592 room.

Dinner in Camera.

Speaker – Tom Donnellan, CEO, Bord na Mona.

Tom Donnellan Chief Executive Bord na Móna

Tom Donnellan was appointed Chief Executive of Bord na Móna in 2018. He joined Bord na Móna from Alcatel Lucent, a top 100 Global Telecoms infrastructure company, where he was the Senior Vice President of Global Operations in France. Tom had also held senior management positions, both in Ireland and internationally, in Packard Bell, Apple and Samsung.

When Tom assumed the role of Chief Executive, Bord na Móna was a heavily subsidised semi state company whose turnover was 70% dependent on peat related operations. The company was weighed down with a top-heavy management structure and an unsustainable reliance on fossil fuel. In October 2018, under Tom’s leadership the programme of transformation, the Brown to Green strategy, was announced. Within three years the company had restructured, ended its dependence on peat subsidies, stopped extracting peat, become more profitable than ever before and had been transformed into a climate solutions company. A new sustainable Bord na Móna, now focuses on delivering key climate action and circular economy objectives, looked to the future with confidence.

Tom’s vision for Bord na Móna is about facilitating Ireland’s drive to climate neutrality no later than 2050. This contains three components: firstly, helping to decarbonise the energy supply; secondly, driving the recycling agenda; and thirdly, Carbon Storage through rehabilitating peatlands.
In facing the climate crisis of today, including energy market volatility and security of supply issues, Bord na Móna’s Renewable Energy Business has continued to accelerate its’ strategy to deliver renewable energy infrastructure supporting the delivery of the State’s decarbonisation targets for 2030 and beyond. Bord na Móna is well on its way to becoming a leading independent power producer and will play an important role in decarbonising our economy. The Company is undertaking several highly significant actions in support of climate and energy policy in support of our strategy as a climate solutions company leading Ireland towards a climate neutral future. Renewable Energy is one of the key drivers of growth in Bord na Móna, providing very significant market opportunities to leverage our land assets, project development skills and technical experience in operating renewable energy assets.

In addition to renewable power Bord na Móna also provide recycling and waste management services, peatlands restoration, carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation. The Company also supports the development and transition of business to the Green Economy through our Accelerate Green programme.

Bord na Móna employs approximately 1,500 people and manages a land holding of over 80,000 hectares. All of the Company’s success is underpinned by a growing workforce who is committed to the delivery of climate solutions to meet the needs of Ireland’s society and economy. Bord na Móna’s success in transforming into a Climate Solutions company has been delivered by an increasingly diverse workforce and an inclusive culture where employees are encouraged and supported to engage, thrive, develop and progress to achieve their potential. In FY22 Bord na Móna announced an operating profit of €78.9m (FY21 €27.2m), the highest ever level since Bord na Móna Plc was incorporated demonstrating the success that Brown to Green strategy has been in delivering a new sustainable, future-focused climate solutions company.

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